Day Seven grace


I wish I could tell you my whole story right here, about why I became a photographer, what inspires me and what almost broke me. It is a fine line between creating art and running a business, both must be tended to separately and with great care in order for them to ever coincide within your life peacefully.

I am a mother to 4 wild babes and I am most definitely not a home-maker (I lean more towards the mess-maker), I love Jesus which breaks down into just loving people, I believe in the art of rest (no, not napping... although I do take a mean nap now and again) I love nature and draw from all it's wonder to keep me afloat amidst the chaos (because 4 kids), I chase the light and shadows even without my camera and I care recklessly about my clients and I will never apologize for that. I have been a photographer for 9 years now and while I don't claim to know it all, what I do know is how to own the moment, value my time (for the sake of my family) and how get to know a person well. I hope to share that and so much more with you.

Why am I mentoring? Remember when I said this business almost broke me? Well it did because I pursued popularity over purpose, we will get to that when we work together. I guess these lessons I have learned (the hard way) didn't have to be so hard if I had the guidance I needed early on... I care about your TIME, I care about your STORY (yes YOUR story, because you can't begin to tell someone else's before you own your's), I care about your future CLIENTS and lastly I care about your PURPOSE and GROWTH.

...at this time your probably wondering why I haven't mentioned profit? well because we have so much to cover before we can begin to build your business again, but we will get there together...