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I am a collector of moments, visual poet, believer in soul-shine and make no apologies for falling in love with my clients.... My passion for art is the strongest when standing alongside others in their most authentic state... in laughter and love. In that instant my soul comes alive, I feel the incredible presence of God and I see your story unfolding. Your connection, your children's laughter, the trust you give me... I LOVE IT.

I am a wife, a mother, a devoted believer in Christ and coffee lover. I am also an artist and storyteller who uses a camera as a tool to document this crazy journey. I can't turn the artist in me off and I never want to. If my camera isn't at hand, my eyes are still chasing the light and writing a love story with each unscripted moment..

Sunsets, old stuff & Johnny Cash had me at hello... & Family ....that is why I breathe.

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