There's a certain indescribable beauty and calmness in the air when you are working with Erin to capture those sacred moments of your family's life. In times where things are chaotic (perhaps a toddler refusing to sit still, toy cars being thrown around the house, a newborn refusing to fall asleep), Erin takes it all and turns it into the art of your life - something worth enjoying, worth stopping for a second and just experiencing for what it is. She will show you the beauty in the chaos, because she has the most unique sensibility and is keenly in tune with family life and the varying dynamics.

There is an essence to Erin as an artist and creator that makes her unlike any other photographer you've ever worked with. She captures your family the way you always want it to be remembered because she can empathize with those moments you are looking to treasure. And she sees the details and the beauty of those moments before you ever do. She's real and authentic and she encourages you to be that as well.

Erin is not only an amazing photographer and artist, she is also an amazing person and she dedicates herself to her craft, leaving us with beautiful creations of those moments in life you never ever want to forget.
-Erin Rooney

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