Ah, where to begin. I knew instantly that I wanted Erin to capture my family’s craziness and love the moment I saw her pictures and spoke to her over the phone. It’s hard to explain, but I just knew in my heart I made one of the best decisions when I reached out to her. I can honestly say, without hesitation, Erin’s gift for connecting to families and individuals, and capturing the love HAS TO BE one of her callings in life. My three crazy boys, their energy, and the love between my husband and I, which is the glue that keeps us connected, was captured behind HER lens. I have these moments now, forever. Our kids grow quickly and every time I speak to a mom and dad whose kids are grown, they tell me the same thing, “It goes fast, like a blink of an eye.” When my rambunctious beautiful boys are grown men, with families of their own, I will be reminded of their youth and innocence when I look at my photos taken by Erin. She has a heart of gold, and because she has this inner quality, she goes above and beyond to ensure your moments are document; your family’s love and connection to each other will be there, in the photos. Time never slows, your children will grow, so get your pictures now. It’s so beyond worth it-one of the best decisions I ever made.
- Jamie Martino

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