the skis . . .

"And I'll be my brother's keeper so the whole world will know that we're not alone..."

We LOVE to sleep in and Brunch isn't just for Sunday in our home. Our children are as unique as they come, and we PRAY they stay just that way.

Paul is my first love from high school and he has been hot on my tail ever since the sixth grade (still is). We reside in my childhood home, 17 years after my parents sold it. That's a crazy story that started with the video link above. My dream is to raise my children as I was raised... in touch with nature, free to roam and discover who they are within the comforts of lakes, trails and forts. Mason Wyatt is 10, Grady Wayne is 8, June Faith is 5 and River Cash is 1 year. They challenge me, grow me and have awakened a softness within me I never knew I had. Thank heavens for that! I do it all for them and am ever thankful for my supportive husband..

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